In France we have the beaufs. What is it in your country? - JustBeBeauf

In France we have the beaufs. What is it in your country?

In France we have the beaufs. What is it in your country?

What is the French Beauf Style?

The French “beauf” is vulgar, uneducated and narrow-minded (I also found “blinkered”, what’s the difference?). The English wiki adds : “vulgar, unintelligent, arrogant, uncaring, misogynistic”.

But it’s not your redneck, it’s different. Well, it’s maybe the French version, after all…

In France, le “beauf” has a big beer-belly, a moustache, he never reads, and thinks with clichés, popular believes.

It comes from Cabu, a cartoonist from Charlie Hebdo who has been assassinated in the 2015 shooting attack. It comes from an abbreviation of “beau-frère” (brother-in-law).

Here he are two types of beaufs. PSG comes from the Paris soccer team, and Kro is the worst beer ever. The second type of beauf is terrible (probably worst). I let you guess.

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How to dress like a real French BEAUF?

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There is many different type of Beauf now, but the main one, the old fashioned way and the one everyone think about must have:




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