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What does Beauf means in French?

What does Beauf means in French? How to understand it?

"Beauf" does not have a direct translation in English. It is a French slang term that refers to a certain type of person, typically a working-class man who is considered to be unrefined or unsophisticated. This term is used in France, it can be said that there are many "french Beauf" or "beauf" in France.



"Beauf" is a derogatory term often used to describe a man who is considered to be crass, unrefined, and unsophisticated. They are often thought to be narrow-minded and insensitive to social issues, and they are also associated with a certain type of right-wing political ideology. They are often depicted as loving football and beer, and being fond of the traditional gender roles and conservative values. The term is similar to the English slang term "chav" or "white trash" but the connotation behind it is not quite the same and is more specific to France.

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There are several characteristics that are often associated with the "beauf" stereotype:

  • They are typically working-class men, often with a blue-collar job
  • They are often seen as unsophisticated and unrefined, with poor taste in clothing and decor
  • They are typically interested in traditional masculine activities such as football, hunting, and car racing
  • They are often seen as insensitive to social issues and may hold conservative political views
  • They are often depicted as being fond of drinking beer and other alcohol
  • They are often associated with traditional gender roles and are often seen as being dismissive of feminist ideas

It's worth noting that "beauf" is a derogatory term and the characteristics associated with it are often exaggerated and stereotypical. And it should not be used to stereotype or generalize about any particular group of people.

A lot of French act like a "Beauf" sometimes just to be cool or to be funny. It becomes now more a caricature or parody of beauf style.

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